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Local 25 tries their luck at the United Association's 36th Annual National Softball Tournament

The Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 25 participated in the 36th Annual United Association National Softball Tournament held June 21, 2013 in Milford, Ohio.

The highlights of the tournament include Josh Jacobs hitting one home run, and Bryan "Big Country" Reaves hitting two out of the park to support the team.

 Local 25 Softball Team

Front row left to right: Josh Jacobs, John Winters, Dan Latimer, Mark Muensterman, Mark Desseyn, Ryan Tran, Andy Jones

Back row left to right: Business Manager Tom McCune, Bryan Reaves, Scott Rosenboom, Kyle Redell, Tony Jones, Tim Doyle, Rich Moller, Bobby Bushong, Nick Harper, Bill Allison, Pancho DeLeon

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