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Kenny Clark

Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 25 member receives Lyondell’s 2017 Encore Award

Congratulations to Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 25 member Kenny Clark, who recently received Lyondell’s 2017 Encore Award for his design of the Plexar Maleic Anhydride System. Clark is employed by Ragan Mechanical at LyondellBasell Industries Clinton Complex.

With approximately 400 employees and contractors, the Clinton Complex is one of the largest chemical plants in Iowa. The Clinton Complex manufactures ethylene, which is then converted into polyethylene plastic resins used to create leak and shatter-proof containers for household and industrial chemicals, as well as containers to protect our food, and safe and durable children's toys.

“I was assigned the task of producing isometric drawings and erection plans for the replacement of the Plexar Maleic Anhydride System. This system consists primarily of stainless steel core piping encased in a carbon steel steam jacket pipe,” Clark said. “The core and jacket piping was approaching the end of its life span so energy efficiency was diminishing causing it to become a high-maintenance system for all work groups. As I worked on the project, it became apparent that not only were the piping materials outdated, but also that years of modifications and repairs had resulted in a system wrought with redundant routing and ‘dead legs’ so a complete redesign was commissioned.”

Clark said the successful design was developed with input from all team members including engineering, operations, maintenance and environmental. The new system has already lowered production, operations and maintenance costs—while increasing safety.