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Ryan & Associates Helps Genesis Take Better Care of More Patients

Ryan & Associates, a Local Union 25 contractor, is helping Genesis East Medical Center in Davenport achieve its goal of taking better care of more patients through a $150 million construction project that includes 115,000 square feet of renovations and a new 203,000 square-foot, seven-story tower. The new tower includes 16 new operating rooms, an expanded surgery department and 64 new patient beds — with space for 32 additional beds in the future.

“In addition to all of the piping and ductwork within the new building, we installed a new boiler and chiller. This was added so that the existing HVAC system could handle the load for the new tower,” said Todd Staack, piping superintendent for Ryan & Associates. “Currently, we are repurposing the old operating rooms into outpatient care and remodeling the existing emergency department, which was expanded into the new tower.”

Staack explained that once the entire project is complete, most surgeries will be performed at the East Campus. Additionally, the pulmonary unit has already been moved over from the West Campus, and the orthopedic unit is scheduled to move in July.

“This is a sizeable project, and we have been working to complete it considerably faster than we typically would. To make this possible, the entire project was modeled on the computer. The model allowed all of the different trades to fabricate their piping and material ahead of time,” Staack said. “While we’ve done projects like this before, it’s not typical. This is the largest project I’ve seen run like this — and I’ve been in the industry for 36 years. We had close to 50 members from Local 25 working on it all at once.”