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Gas Distribution Fitter:

Gas Distribution Fitters are responsible for fabricating, installing, maintaining and repairing gas distribution piping systems. Systems include town boarder stations, distribution mains, service lines to both homes and businesses and meter sets.

Please contact Brett J Swanson, Business Agent, with any questions:
Brett J Swanson
Business Agent: (309) 788-4569

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Current High School Senior Graduating by Spring of 2020

If accepted, employees will be required to:

  • Pay a $200 initiation fee
  • Pay their first three months of dues ($93)
  • Take up to five weeks of training before being sent to work

PLEASE NOTE: Employees will be required to travel for work.

It is your responsibility to keep us informed of address and email address changes.




Brett SwansonBrett Swanson
Business Agent – Gas Distribution Pipeline
Phone: 309-788-4569, Ext. 228
Fax: 309-788-3226