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Fireman Features

Justin Kinzer

Blue Grass Volunteer Fire Department

Local 25 fourth-year plumbing apprentice Justin Kinzer, 29, has worked for C. Ewert Plumbing in Davenport for about six years.

Justin Kinzer LU25 Fireman

“It’s a good home,” he said. “And Local 25 is my saving grace. From top to bottom, the leadership that they’ve got over there is second to none. You’ve got a bunch of good guys who are out to better the Local and better the people who come through the Local.”

Even though Justin’s daily schedule is packed with providing plumbing solutions to clients throughout the Quad Cities, he’s never really off the clock. For the last eight years, Justin has stayed extra busy as a volunteer firefighter for the Blue Grass Volunteer Fire Department.

“We run off a pager system, so I’m on call 24/7. Sometimes I get home from work and I no sooner kick my boots off and the pager goes off,” he said. “If you’re able to respond, you get over to the station. At the fire department, everybody’s main objective is to make sure we can go and assist and help out as best we can, and all come home safely at the end of the call.”

Despite the hazards of the job, Kinzer enjoys giving back to the community where he grew up.

“I’d always seen my father help out throughout the community, and I guess it was in my blood,” he said. “Once I got to a certain age, I wanted to give back and help people, too.”