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J.L. Brady Works on Major Renovations at Arrowhead Youth & Family Services

For more than 70 years, Arrowhead Youth & Family Services has helped hundreds of at-risk youths become productive, responsible community members through counseling, education and social services. In an effort to expand the facility’s reach and become a modern facility, Arrowhead began extensive mechanical, technological and cosmetic renovations in December 2017.

J.L. Brady Company has performed all HVAC and plumbing work associated with the facility upgrade, which includes four of seven buildings on the campus.

“In the administration building where all the admin offices are, that mechanical HVAC system was a total gut, and a VRF system is being installed,” said Scott Robinson, project manager. “Eighty percent of the HVAC system was removed in the housing and education building, and we’re going back in with new boilers and new radiation fin tubes. The gymnasium is getting a whole new facelift on locker rooms and restrooms, with new plumbing fixtures. And in the vocational building, the restrooms and classrooms were modified for ADA compliance.”

A unique challenge faced by all who have worked on the Arrowhead renovations is that the facility has stayed open for the duration.

“We’ve had to phase the projects to accommodate owner occupancy and functionality, but the owner and design team have been very workable and accommodating during the phasing of the construction,” Robinson said.

The Arrowhead modernization project is on track to be completed in August 2018 — just in time for the kick-off of an advertising campaign that will expand the reach of Arrowhead and recruit on a national level.

“This HVAC renovation will allow for more individualized control of the different rooms for heating and cooling, and add additional zoning to the systems to accommodate a higher comfort level for occupied areas,” Robinson said. “It will also aid in increasing overall efficiency of the equipment.”